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In July China copper concentrate production in August to reduce or lower

文章出处:和宏精工 人气:发表时间:2019-09-28
China Statistics Bureau, the latest data show that in July China's copper concentrate production of 153 thousand and 500 tons, a decrease of 5.43%, down 4.26%. 1-7 China's total output of 97.48 tons of copper concentrate, a decrease of 4.95%. 
Mainly due to a decrease of July copper prices hit a 6 year low, while the domestic mining enterprises in recent years by grade decline, rising production costs and other factors, the phenomenon of loss compared to June increased; from production, production area, mainly in Anhui, Yunnan, Sichuan and other small mining enterprises. Copper concentrate production in July year-on-year for the 2015 year copper prices continued to decline, both in the downstream channel, continue to squeeze the domestic mining enterprises profits, and domestic smelters due to imports of long single high proportion, to reduce the ore demand slightly compared with last year, affected by this, the domestic mining enterprises operating rate lower than the same period last year. 
The short term, the domestic economic operation risk of continuous fermentation, copper is sluggish downstream demand, the market for the late copper (38830, -190.00, -0.49%) running on the price trend is more pessimistic. Affected by this, SMM is expected next month, the domestic copper concentrate production chain will continue to decline.