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Imports of copper concentrate in 2016 will be two digit growth

文章出处:和宏精工 人气:发表时间:2019-09-28
Chinese; the latest customs data show that in 2016 February China copper ores and concentrates imports amounted to 1 million 460 thousand tons, compared with the previous month lows a substantial rebound, an increase of up to 24.7%, and in December last year highs was only million tons, 1-2 months, total imports of 2 million 630 thousand tons, compared with a substantial increase of 57.6%. 
mainly due to a substantial increase in December to January last year, the 16 oldest single basically determined in TC 97.35 U.S. dollars / ton, compared with 15 of 107 U.S. dollars / ton smelter there was a substantial decline, due to the fear that this long single price for the spot TC or pressure and widely expected after the Spring Festival or the processing fee in addition to considering the February decline, the market supply tension or other reasons, the domestic smelters to Hong Kong in February for imports of copper concentrate strong enthusiasm. 
from the historical data, Chinese copper concentrate imports year-on-year in recent years to maintain substantial growth in both hand, because the domestic copper smelting capacity, production expansion, rising demand for copper concentrate. On the other hand, the domestic copper production growth in demand growth is relatively slow, and nearly two years of slump in copper prices, domestic copper production cost is higher than the foreign mining production, shutting down the phenomenon is relatively common, 2015 or even negative growth. Domestic ore supply gap superimposed copper demand increases, the import demand continues to expand. 
in addition, according to estimates, in 2016 China's copper concentrate demand growth will reach 11%. While domestic ore, copper prices in 2016 compared to 2015 due to the continuing downward, domestic copper production is difficult to appear substantial growth, is expected to increase in 2016 was essentially flat or only slightly up. In contrast, global copper (except China) 2016 copper new capacity will reach 1 million 450 thousand tons (according to the known new expansion project), while the 2016 output growth is expected in 4.2%, substantial growth in demand for copper concentrate Chinese still need to rely on imports to meet the mine, so that the volume of imports in 2016 will remain an two digit growth.