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Knowledge of various copper alloys

文章出处:和宏精工 人气:发表时间:2019-09-28
Brass is a copper alloy of copper and zinc. Brass mechanical properties and wear resistance are very good, can be used in the manufacture of precision instruments, ship parts, guns and shells etc.. Brass knocked up a nice voice, so the gongs, cymbals, bells, number and other musical instruments are made of brass.
Nautical brass
Alloy of copper and zinc, tin, seawater erosion resistance, can be used to manufacture parts, ship balancer.
Copper and tin alloy is called bronze, because of the color green and named. Bronze generally has a good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, casting and excellent mechanical properties. Used for the manufacture of precision bearings, high pressure bearings, the ship's anti seawater corrosion of mechanical parts and a variety of sheet, pipe, bar, etc.. There is a bronze anomalous characteristics -- "thermal cold expansion", used to cast the statue, after cooling expansion, can make clear more clearly.
Phosphor bronze
Copper and tin, phosphorus alloy, hard, can be made of spring.
Copper is an alloy of copper and nickel, and the color of silver, silver, not easy to rust. Used to make electrical appliances, instruments and accessories.