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Natural characteristics of copper alloys

文章出处:和宏精工 人气:发表时间:2019-09-28
Metal copper, element symbol Cu, atomic weight 63.54, specific gravity 8.92, melting point 1083oC. Copper is shallow rosy or pink, formed on the surface of copper oxide film, the appearance of a copper. Copper has many valuable physical and chemical properties, such as its thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity is high, the chemical stability, tensile strength, welding, with corrosion resistance, plasticity, ductility. Pure copper can be drawn into a very fine copper, made of thin copper foil. Can form alloy.
with zinc, tin and lead, manganese, cobalt, nickel, aluminum, iron and other metal Exercise technology of copper alloy development has experienced a long process, but has still to exercise copper fire exercise, H65 yellow copper |H62 brass capillary |H59 brass row |QSn6.5-0.1 tin bronze rod | tin bronze tube | tin bronze plate, its output accounts for about 85% of the total output of international copper. 1) fire exercise is generally the first containing raw copper ore in a few percent or a few thousandths, increased to 20-30% by dressing, as copper concentrate, of matte smelting in closed blast furnace, reverberatory furnace, electric furnace and furnace, matte output (matte) and then into the converter blowing the crude copper make, then in another reflection furnace after oxidation refining to remove impurities, or cast anode plate for electrolysis, electrolytic copper grade has up to 99.9%. The process is simple, strong adaptability, copper recovery rate can reach 95%, H59 brass row in ore prices due to sulfur in matte converting and two stages as sulfur dioxide emissions, it is not easy to recover, easy pollution. 
Such as silver, Noranda method of molten pool smelting as well as Japan's MITSUBISHI method, in recent years, fire exercise gradually to automatically and continuously carry out. 2) modern exercise sulphating roasting - wet leaching electrowinning, leaching - Extraction - electrowinning, bacterial leaching method, suitable for low grade complex ore, copper oxide, copper containing waste ore heap leaching, leaching or leaching in situ selection.
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